The Animator Letters Project

The Animator Letters Project is a book for aspiring animators that dream of working at a major studio but don’t know how to get there, it’s encouragement for those that feel lost and discouraged in their creative journey, and inspiration for those trying to make their big break into the animation industry. This is a book filled with nearly 100 handwritten letters by some of the most creative animators and directors in the animation industry- each telling their own unique story, along with words of wisdom for the next generation of animators. In an age of technology, where texts, tweets, blogs, chats and emails are the norm, this book’s handwritten element offers a personal connection to those in the industry. Get ready to be inspired by the likes of Pete Docter, Don Hahn, Byron Howard, Gary Trousdale, Roger Allers, Gary Goldman, Brenda Chapman, John Musker, Ron Clements, and Rob Minkoff, among many others. Their voices will awaken that creativity inside of you, if you are willing to listen.

100% of Willie’s proceeds from this book will be donated to The Animator Letters Project Scholarship at The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) to benefit character animation students in financial need.

The book includes letters written by the following animation industry professionals:

Aaron Blaise
Aaron Hartline
Alina Chau
Amelia Lorenz
Andreas Procopiou
Andreas Wessel-Therhorn
Anthony Rizzo
Austin Madison
Ben Rush
Benson Shum
Bobby Rubio
Boris Hiestand
Brandon Oldenburg
Brenda Chapman
Bryan Engram
Byron Howard
Carlos Baena
Chase Shields
Christopher Savino
Clay Kaytis
Clinton Racine
Conrad Vernon
Dale Baer
Dana Masson
Daniel Gonzales
Danny Santos
Dave Bossert
David Silverman
David VanTuyle
Dimos Vrysellas
Don Hahn
Douglas Sweetland
Ed McCray
Eric Swymer
Floyd Norman
Frank Abney
Frank Gladstone
Frans Vischer
Gary Goldman
Gary Trousdale
Janel Drewis
Jason Schleifer
Jeca Martinez
Jeff Joe
Jeff Nevins
Jennifer Harlow
Jim Vanderkeyl
John Musker
John Vassallo
Kathleen Quaife
Kenny Roy
Kent Alfred
Kent Culotta
Kyle Mohr
Larry Whitaker
Lauren Carr
Lianne Cruz
Lon Smart
Louaye Moulayess
Mario Furmanczyk
Mark Oftedal
Mark Pullyblank
Merlin Crossingham
Mike Cedeno
Mike Gasaway
Mike Makarewicz
Mike Milo
Mike Peraza
Mike Walling
Nik Ranieri
Patty Peraza
Pete Docter
Randy Hayes
Ray Chase
Rob Minkoff
Robert Lazzarini
Rodd Miller
Roger Allers
Ron Clements
Ron Husband
Ruben Aquino
Rusty Gray
Sarah Airriess
Scott Wiser
Seth Hippen
Shawn Kelly
Stephan Franck
Stephanie Olivieri
Steve Anderson
Sue Nichols
T. Dan Hofstedt
Tom Bancroft
Tony Bancroft
Tony Bonilla
Travis Howe
Veara Suon
Wayne Gilbert
Will Finn


Publisher: Disney Editions (Coming 8/27/2019)
Available in: Hardcover